MPA 2nd Syllabus : PA 620 – Global Governance

Global Governance MPA 2nd : PA 620 – Global Governance PA 620 Global Governance                                                                 Full Marks – 50 60 Minutes 20 Lectures Hrs                                                                Pass Marks – 20   Course Objectives: This course intends to familiarize the students with the various aspects of Global Governance special focus will be given to the concept, Evolution and Need of Global Governance, and challenges and dilemmas of Global Governance. The course will focus on the role and functioning of international organizations in global governance and the construction that international institutions and processes can make to the challenges facing national governments. Course Contents: Understanding Global Governance:                                     LH 8 Concept of Global Governance Theoretical foundations of Global Governance: Liberalism, Realism, Constructivism, Marxist and Neo-Marxist Theory, Dependency and world — System Theory Evolution of Global… Click to Read more“MPA 2nd Syllabus : PA 620 – Global Governance”